Daily Walk

Sun-Times? Quit

Hot Mama? Hired

Jen’s Internal Conversation?  OHHHH S#!&, I’m beginning to free fall!!!

I’ll admit to being more than a tad anxious with my career switch decision.  I know it is healthy to feel fear when starting a new endeavor – it puts some “fire under my butt” so to speak.  

One way to stop feeling discombobulated and organized? Get it out of your head and into a list.

  1. Create eBay store to keep extra funds coming in and help build audience.  Store has been created: mosley_lifestyle.  Now need to list items
  2. Create Etsy store to sell handmade items.
  3. Place wordpress plug-in for e-commerce on my site MosleyLifestyle.com
  4. Incorporate Mosley Lifestyle
  5. Find artisinal style fairs that I will be attending beginning in the summer – Anyone have good suggestions?  I will be looking at Renegade style fairs.
  6. Visit a local Small Business Association location
  7. Probably the most important: build my inventory

Then I have a whole new list of personal steps

  1. Take care of insurance 
  2. Figure out how to keep my 401k secure – do I keep it at Prudential? Can I keep contributing privately?
  3. Make a schedule that is healthy – today I walked Angel (my dog) in the morning and that felt nice.  Maybe a daily walk?  I’ve had a lot of personal time while commuting to the Sun-Times and I would like to keep some of that going that works for me and my family.
  4. Cancel non-necessary expenses.  No more expensive health club, no more 2 newspapers coming to my doorstep (which will I pick – Sun-Times or Tribune?), no more Massage Envy.
  5. Apply for college assistance, and research grants/scholarships.

I think that’s enough for a Sunday Morning!  Have a great day everyone.Image


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