School Update 013113

So hooray for Clothing Construction Class!!!

I’m thoroughly enjoying everything about my class.  My teacher passes out wildly useful bits of information like smarties on Halloween.  For example, did you know that it is preferable to cut a piece from a pattern after you iron on interfacing rather than prior?  Or, use tracing paper and a tracing wheel to accurately and quickly transfer pattern directions/designs.

When I go to class I’m very focused on what I’m doing.  My classmates…..not so much.  One classmate – I’ll call her Jo – is a strange bird.  For example,

  • I believe she has blonde hair but dyes it black (always an interesting root grow out)
  • Goes to COSplay events…If you don’t know what it is, you’re missing a very interesting sub-culture.
  • Carries around a handmade-1 foot-red felt dinosaur in a noose.  Yes….you read this right.

Oddly, I actually like her quite a bit, but yesterday, her work ethic, along with everyone else’s, kind of sputtered out.  Mine did not.  I’ve discovered what I thought to be true, and that is I love sewing.  I love making things.  And I love that I have 3 hours where all I have to worry about is focusing on one thing.

I’ve always thought that people would appreciate college and class more after they’ve gone through the corporate world.  When you understand what it’s like to have deadlines, the stress of meeting revenue and expense budgets, wondering if you will be the next person laid off, hoping you won’t have to lay one of your employees off.  After all of that….you realize that sitting in a classroom is a luxury.  Not to be squandered on texting and conversations about Starbucks and the color pink!  I only hope that they catch up, but since they haven’t yet….

It leads me to my next point.  My teacher, who owns a dress shop, will be helping me with adjusting patterns to measurements by using muslin…a skill above and beyond what she is teaching the other students.  Sometimes persistence pays off!  Gotta love it when you get a deal for your money.


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