Back from blog hiatus

So I had a brief hiatus due to a family gathering in Lake Geneva.  Had a great time, but became lax on my blogging. 


However! That doesn’t mean I haven’t been moving.  On Sunday I went to Vogue Fabrics in Evanston.  Ann, my clothing construction teacher, met us there to walk through the fabrics and etiquette.  I walked away with fabric and notions for all three projects in class -sticking to a navy/grey palette.

The designer room has fabrics that come from design houses – it’s inspirational to pick through them. For the first time, i started touching fabric imagining how I’d design with it

The rest of Sunday had me prepping my fabric.  Truthfully, I never realized the fabric should be washed prior to sewing, but it makes sense in hindsight (wish I practiced that prior to some of my home projects) – the little things I’m learning in this class are invaluable.

Can’t wait to see the fabric my classmates picked!  My guess is that at least one picked neon.


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