Small Business Info from Lesley

A wonderful friend to have when you’re starting out is Lesley Ochoa at

The below is all resources she’s found from research!  I’ve bought the Etsy Shop for Dummies book and am starting to comb through it.  

Not only that, but she made me an AWESOME necklace, those who see me at work have seen it often.  I will take a nice pic in the future and post.


This book was helpful – a step by step guide but also tells you stuff to think about/do:
Here are some links/info I have in my own project list (haven’t’ checked them all out: 
·         Research if I need to get a license to sell
·         Steps to setting up biz (legal): do this:
·         Running a corporation
o (this has the minutes)
·         Online business law (review) :
·         Starting an online business (got this from SBA):
·         Women’s businesses resources:
Taxes & Banking
·         Sales tax –
§  Register with the state of Illinois:
o   **Charge 9.25%*** (Source =
·         Create corporate bank account and get company credit card and checks.  Need EIN.
 Chicago Etsy Shops for Networking

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