Lots of awesome Information

Just finished my first class and let me tell you, lots of awesome information.  Such as these handy-dandy beginner notes:

  • Better to use cotton w/ a hint of lycra
  • Silk amazing for linings.  Polyester and Rayon good for linings.  Acetate really really bad for linings
  • Using light lining for pockets, fat quarters a good alternative

Some great links for Clothing Construction as provided by my teacher…

www.DidYouReallySewThat.com – the teacher’s blog -shameless plug, lol

www.silhouettepatterns.com – patterns for busty women and great fusi-knit interfacing

www.sewtrue.com – supplies

www.emmaseabrooke.com – good fusible tapes, nice price

www.burdastyle.com – fashion patterns, trends, blogs

www.fashionfabricsclub.com & www.emmaonesock.com & www.fabric.com & www.gorgeousfabrics.com – all good fabric spots

www.wawak.com – notions, great prices

www.thaisilks.com – lots’o’silk

Also, on Sunday I may be going on a field trip to vogue fabrics in Evanston.  Apparently they service the customer like an old school department store (they run and get everything for you).  I’ll be picking out my fabrics for all 3 projects (skirt, dress shirt and dress)…My mind is headed in the emerald color direction – but not sure yet.



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