Networks and Webs

Someone, somewhere likened our actions to a web-I think it was the bard.  Although I’m not tangling in deceit, I have found that putting your ideas out into the atmosphere starts to pull on strings of web you never saw before.

Example 1: Lovely Laurie forwarded me the a boutique’s link similar to my future store’s niche: The Green Goddess Boutique.  There are differences…1. I want to begin in reverse, starting an online shop prior to a physical space and 2. different aesthetics – but very inspiring!  The best part? The link led me to start researching (and thinking about) E-Commerce sites.

Example 2: Awesome Aimee forwarded me to HubSpot for a free Social Media Template.  I downloaded and got a much needed excel calendar for each of the primary social media channels I should be using.

I know this is just the tip of the iceberg, that plenty more examples will spring up.  Vocalizing my plans (and I hate that this post sounds eerily similar to the premise of “The Secret” which was blantantly sensational – but oh well) seems to draw the solutions closer.


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