Already two fails!

Okay, so I made it a goal to post EVERY day and here I am, less than a week into the blog and haven’t posted for two consecutive days! #epicfail

Since I’m a lover – not a fighter – I’ve already forgiven myself, hopefully my readers will too?

Yesterday my daughters (future Mosley Design interns) and I went to visit the Smart Home at Museum of Science and Industry.  It’s closing today, so even if I recommend it, too late.  An example of simple design stitched around some very eco-friendly principles, I can’t help wonder if Frank Lloyd Wright would have gone in a similar direction were he alive in 2013.

Much of the furniture was provided by a company in Andersonville named Scout.  I recommend going and looking at their gallery – many selvedged items.  It’s always been an interest of mine to upcycle my designs.  Why use new fabric when there is TONS of old fabric in this world?

My future interns favorite designs? A touchscreen mirror in the bathroom, you could play youTube while taking a shower (or on the pot).

<i>Your bathroom mirror is telling you something: The Smart Home's bathroom mirrors double as computer screens, displaying the weather, your weight and your Facebook friends' updates. Photo by J.B. Spector, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago.</i> 

Photo by J.B. Spector, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago


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